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How to Get Eyelash Glue Off

How to Get Eyelash Glue Off

How to get eyelash glue off your eyelid and eyelash easily.  Use a cotton swab wet with Oil base Makeup Remover, Vaseline, or Coconut Oil, then dab the wet cotton swab along your eyelid.  Massage your eyelid for a minute, and then wash your eyelid with water. If there is still some glue residue left, use makeup remover wipes to wipe if off.  

February 23, 2019 by Nicole Han

How to Apply False Eyelashes

How to apply false eyelashes

How to put on eyelashes if you are a first timer. 

Please follow these 6 steps. Putting on eyelashes will be a piece of cake, and you will be a pro in no time.

1) Curl your natural eyelashes.
2) Apply mascara to your natural eyelashes.
3) Measure lash band with your eye length, cut if necessary.
4) Apply LashXO eyelash glue on, and wait until the glue to be tacky (when glue turns mostly clear, that is when the glue is tacky and your false eyelashes are ready to apply)
5) Place the false eyelashes on top of your natural lashes, and as close to your natural eyelashes as possible.
6) You can apply another coat of mascara on your natural eyelashes, and then use an eyelash curler to curl your natural eyelashes and false eyelashes together. If the false eyelashes are too long and can't fit in the curler, use your finger to pinch them together. So that your natural eyelashes and false eyelashes are as one layer, not separate in 2 different layers. Now you are finished and you look beautiful! 
P/S: Most importantly, you have to wait for the glue to be tacky, otherwise, it will not stick and will glide on your lash line. 
February 23, 2019 by Nicole Han

How to Remove Fake Lashes

Remove fake lashes using tweezers

Remove fake lashes from tray before use

If you have a black band fake eyelashes.  Use tweezers to pick up the lash band from the outer corner of the lashes.  After you have a firm grip of the lash band, start lifting up slowly and away from the tray until the whole lashes band is removed from tray.

If you have a clear plastic band eyelashes (not black band eyelash as shown in picture), it doesn't matter whether you grab at the inner corner or outer corner of the fake lashes.  Most importantly, you must grab it at the band, not at the hair of the lashes.

Of course, you can always use your finger tip to do the job 👌 , but if you have long finger nails, it's easier working with tweezers. 😊

Remove fake lashes from your eyes after used

How to Remove Fake Lashes

There are 2 common methods

1) Quick way to remove fake lashes:   Use your finger to pick up the fake eyelashes from the outer corner (try to hold it as close to the lash band as possible). Then, gently lift it out and away from your eye until the whole fake lash is removed. 

 2) Gentle way to remove fake lashes: Use a cotton swab that is wet with makeup remover, then dab makeup remover liquid along the lash band where it attaches to your skin. Wait for a minute or two for the glue to loosen up, then pick up the fake lash as close to the lash band as possible, and lift it away from your eye.


February 23, 2019 by Nicole Han

How to Clean False Lashes

How to Clean False Lashes easily with step by step image instructions and video.    

1) Soak your false lashes in a warm water bowl with a drop of dish soap for about 5 minutes.

2) Remove one of the false eyelash from the water bowl and towel dry. The ones you are not working with, just leave them soaking.

3) Use your fingers to pull off loose glue residues.

4) Brush the false eyelashes to remove any excess residue. Store in original tray and let it air dry.

How to Clean False Lashes: Deep Clean

If the false eyelashes have a lots of buildup and it needs deep clean.  Then, you can soak the false eyelashes in OIL-FREE makeup remover liquid for a few minutes, then take it out and remove the glue residue, then follow the step 1 above to clean them again.

Tips to make the false eyelashes last longer


1) Store the false lashes in the original tray.  Don't sleep with false eyelashes, to keep the hair shaped from being crushed and ruined.

2) If you need to remove the false eyelashes from tray or from your eyes, be Gentle, Slow 🐢, and Hold it as close to the lash band as possible

4) When you clean your false lashes, be careful not to pick any thread off the lash band, or the entire false eyelash will fall apart.  If you see a thread sticking out, use super glue or eyelash extension glue to adhere that thread back on.

5) Do not use excessive heat: like super hot water to soak the false eyelashes, it will ruin the hairs or can break the glue that attached the eyelashes hairs together.  The easy way to look at it is think about when you shampoo your hair with hot water, it may remove dirt and oil quickly, but hot water also dries and damages your hairs as oppose to warm water.  


February 23, 2019 by Nicole Han

How long can you wear false eyelashes


How long can you wear false eyelashes

How long can you wear false eyelashes? It really depends on your personal needs

How long can you wear false eyelashes?  Until the glue can hold the false eyelashes, right? Well, with our best latex-free glue, false eyelashes will stay on your lash line as long as you want them to; few of our customers have false eyelashes on for 3-7 days.  However, my recommendation is to take them off at the end of the day, or at the end of the night 🌙 after you finished working. Why?

When you go out, you will put on high heel shoes  👠, and nice clothes 👗 . Do you take off your shoes and tight clothes when you get home? Off course, you will.  In fact, you would like to go on bare feet and wear your pajamas, right? or to some people a 🎂 birthday suit.  Why? because it feels comfortable to be "naked", without any "accessories".  You tend to feel the discomfort of high heels and tight clothes strongly as these accessories touch and affect a big part of your body.

What about face makeup 👄 ? You can still feel it.  After you remove layers of heavy primer, foundation, and clean off your makeup, you will feel fresh and comfortable because your skin is naked and it can breathe. 

What about false eyelashes? you probably feel it too because it touches a bit of your lash line skin.  Since your natural eyelashes can't speak much of feeling as with your skin, let's do them a favor.  Take off your false eyelashes at the end of the day, and let your natural eyelashes breath as you would with your body and skin.

January 30, 2019 by Nicole Han

My eyes hurt when wearing false eyelashes

Whether it's your first time wearing false eyelashes, or you have worn it and gave up on it because your eyes hurt as if something is poking you, or your eyes are itchy, stink, and watery when wearing false eyelashesThen please keep reading because I may have an answer and solution for you. 
January 29, 2019 by Nicole Han

Best Eyelash Glue: Latex Glue VS. Latex Free Glue

Best Eyelash Glue: how do you know which type of glue are you using? And what is best eyelash glue for you between Latex and Latex Free Glue? Whether you are new or used to wearing false eyelashes, it is matter to know what kind of product you are putting on your skin, especially near the sensitive eye areas.  
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