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My eyes hurt when wearing false eyelashes

Whether it's your first time wearing false eyelashes, or you have worn it and gave up on it because your eyes hurt as if something is poking you, or your eyes are itchy, sting, and watery when wearing false eyelashes. Then please keep reading because I may have an answer and solution for you. 

From my own experience of wearing false eyelashes for a few years, and observe feedback from our clients as lash stylist. I summarize the common reasons why your eyes hurt when wearing false eyelashes

        1) The lash band is maybe too long for you, thus the extra part is poking you.  You need to use small scissor to cut the band shorter. Please remember to trim from the outer part of the lashes, why? Because the inner part is already made with shorter hairs, gradually going longer toward the middle, or the outer corner of the lashes. If you trim the inner corner by cutting off the shorter hairs, then whatever hairs left will be too long for your inner eyes corner, and it will be heavy and uncomfortable for the eyes.
        2) I already trim the band to fit my eye size, but it still hurts? The band is too coarse and hard for your eyes. You can check by bending the false eyelash into half circle motion, after letting it go, it just goes back to straight shape.  Then I am sorry to say this, but "Don't use it, let it go!"
       3) If it is none of the above reasons, then I suggest you to re-position your false eyelashes. Maybe it is too close to your inner eye corner or outer corner? False eyelashes should be placed on top of your natural eyelashes, but not touching the inner or outer corner of eyes. Placing the false eyelashes correctly, should not hurt you in any way. 
       4) Next, If you are new to the world of wearing false eyelashes.  You may feel uncomfortable when wearing them at first.  It is normal, remember the first time when you start to wear makeup foundation, it feels heavy as if your skin is not breathing, isn't it? Or the first time you wear mascara, it feels heavy and weird, right? Same thing happens here with false eyelashes, and it is totally ok. You will get use to it second time, and over time. 
If you are newbie, what lashes to choose? I personally suggest you go to with the natural human hair lashes (1 layer lashes) first. Why? Because it is lighter in term of weight and thinner in term of the band, which overall makes it easier on your eyes. Then as you are used to wearing false eyelashes, you can try dramatic lashes (double eyelashes) or mink lashes.  Why? Because dramatic lashes will bring drama...just kidding :),  it will make your makeup pops.  But you may ask, I can try it now, why do I need to wait later to try dramatic lashes? It is because dramatic lashes are made full of volume which equals more weight on the eyes, you may feel as you are stacking 2 pairs of eyelashes on 1 eye.  If you have never worn false eyelashes before, wearing 1 pair already feeling "different", imagine wearing 2 pairs on 1 eye.
Despite of the "heaviness" of double layers dramatic lashes. There are few advantages that people love these dramatic lashes.  They are beautiful, and tend to last longer (able to reuse many times) than the natural 1 layer eyelashes, and according to some customers, it is easier to apply with a thicker lash band.  
        5) Lastly, if you experience red or itchiness on your eyelids (or in worse case, your eyelids have blisters); your eyes are stinging and watery when wearing false eyelashes, then probably you are allergic to the eyelash glue, not the eyelash itself.  Then I recommend you to switch to our most gentle best eyelash glue which is designed specifically for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. I have Latex and Formaldehyde allergies, and this glue has been a gem, it has enable me to wear false eyelashes without any allergic reaction, I really believe it can help you too. 
        We covered most common problems when wearing false eyelashes, if you have any questions, please let us know. 
January 29, 2019 by Nicole Han
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