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How to Clean False Lashes

How to Clean False Lashes easily with step by step image instructions and video.    

1) Soak your false lashes in a warm water bowl with a drop of dish soap for about 5 minutes.

2) Remove one of the false eyelash from the water bowl and towel dry. The ones you are not working with, just leave them soaking.

3) Use your fingers to pull off loose glue residues.

4) Brush the false eyelashes to remove any excess residue. Store in original tray and let it air dry.

How to Clean False Lashes: Deep Clean

If the false eyelashes have a lots of buildup and it needs deep clean.  Then, you can soak the false eyelashes in OIL-FREE makeup remover liquid for a few minutes, then take it out and remove the glue residue, then follow the step 1 above to clean them again.

Tips to make the false eyelashes last longer


1) Store the false lashes in the original tray.  Don't sleep with false eyelashes, to keep the hair shaped from being crushed and ruined.

2) If you need to remove the false eyelashes from tray or from your eyes, be Gentle, Slow 🐢, and Hold it as close to the lash band as possible

4) When you clean your false lashes, be careful not to pick any thread off the lash band, or the entire false eyelash will fall apart.  If you see a thread sticking out, use super glue or eyelash extension glue to adhere that thread back on.

5) Do not use excessive heat: like super hot water to soak the false eyelashes, it will ruin the hairs or can break the glue that attached the eyelashes hairs together.  The easy way to look at it is think about when you shampoo your hair with hot water, it may remove dirt and oil quickly, but hot water also dries and damages your hairs as oppose to warm water.  


February 23, 2019 by Nicole Han
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