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Best Eyelash Glue: Latex Glue VS. Latex Free Glue

Best Eyelash Glue Latex Eyelash Glue or Latex Free Eyelash Glue?

What is the best eyelash glue for you?  Have you ever wondered whether the eyelash glue that you are using is made with latex or not?  Whether you are new or used to wearing false eyelashes, it is matter to know what kind of product you are putting on your skin especially near the sensitive eye areas.  How do you know which type of glue are you using? And what is best eyelash glue for you between Latex and Latex Free Glue?

Best Eyelash Glue Comparison between Latex Glue and Latex Free Glue.  The table below also provides characteristics of each type to help you to figure out which glue you are using without relying on their ingredient list.


Latex Eyelash Glue

Latex - Free Eyelash Glue

Durability - Strong  - Strong
Difference -Dry Quickly and Completely - Stay Moist, and Flexible when Dries
Ingredients - Latex - Latex Free: Gentle formula for Sensitive Skin, Sensitive and Watery Eyes. - Best eyelash glue for latex allergy people
Pro - Because the glue dries moist, it allows easy reapplying or re-position the false eyelashes throughout the day if needed.

- Because the glue dries up completely, if you need to reposition the lashes after the glue dries, you have to put in more new glue in order for the false eyelashes to adhere

- Take time to clean off glue residue when removing false eyelashes
Removing False Eyelashes & Cleaning - Just remove the false eyelash, the glue usually come attached with your false eyelash. 

- Remove the false eyelash and some glue will detach your false eyelashes because it is flexible and gentle.  

- To clean your lash line: use coconut oil or oil base makeup removal to massage your lash line to remove any glue residue, just like when you clean your eye mascara. 


So which eyelash glue is best and which one should you choose?

Let me tell you a story.  Back in 2007 when eyelash extension just came out.  I enrolled in the eyelash extension training course and learned the trick of the trade.  Toward the end of the training, each student would practice the eyelash extension application on one another.  So everyone finished off the course with a new beautiful set of eyelashes.  I went home looked great, and started doing eyelash extension service to make a living for a few years. Then I had kids, and stopped working and became a stay at home mom. 

      Fast forward to 2015, my kids have grown, so I decided to go back doing eyelashes extension.  By now, eyelash extension has became very popular with new technique and products.  I took another training course with a celebrity eyelash guru.  After lecture day, we practiced applying full set of eyelash extension on each other.  When I got home, I noticed my eye looked red, thinking it would go away later, but it didn't.  My eyes got itchy and my eye sight became blurry.  The next day I went to class, my instructor was surprised when he saw my eyes looking red and swollen, he decided to take off my extension immediately and handed me an allergy relief eye drop.  I enrolled in the course wanting to make a living, but ended up wasting the almost $3K just to realize that I was allergic to the eyelash extension glue.  How sad!
      Then we had a family wedding, I wanted to look glam so I used false eyelashes instead; my eyes got red, itch and watery again that I had to remove the falsie during the wedding reception.  I went to dermatologist and had a chemical test on my back.  The result concluded that I was allergic to Latex, Formaldehyde, and few other chemicals.  I couldn't wear eyelash extension, I couldn't wear false eyelashes, and I didn't like mascara neither because mascara always makes me feel sleepy when having them on. There wasn't many affordable eyelash glue made for sensitive skin, so I decided to develop eyelash glue that is specialize for sensitive people who are allergic to Latex and Formaldehyde like me.  LashXO best eyelash glue was born.
            Best eyelash glue White                           Best eyelash glue Black
      You may question what is the point of my story? Based on my story timeline, I wasn't allergic to Latex in 2007, but in 2015 I became allergic to Latex which I had no idea how it happened .  After many researches, I learn that " Latex allergy develops after many previous exposures to latex" according to American College of Allergy and Asthma.  So, my point is that I highly urge you to take conscious care of what you are using on your body whether latex glove or latex glue, just be careful because when your body can't tolerate that chemical substance, it will fight back with allergic responses. Once an allergic reaction triggers, there is no turn back.  For me, only if I knew that my body developed allergic reaction to latex sooner, I wouldn't enroll in the expensive eyelash extension training course.  However, because of that allergy, it gave me the motivation to develop this best eyelash glue that doesn't harm my sensitive skin.  Since then I am a happy bird wearing false eyelashes all day without any itch or stink. 
       If you are latex allergy, congratulation you have found the best eyelash glue that can last all day and will not cause you any allergy.  This glue also has an amazing good flower smell.  Most importantly, our glue is Latex- Free and Formaldehyde-Free, it is gentle and designed for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes.  I personally tested it and I am a living proof.  You may ask "Is our eyelash glue really good?"  We have sold over tens of thousands of units, many of those are purchased by repeated customers, and our glue have consistent ratings of 4 and 5 stars reviews, do you think it is good or not?
      If you are not allergic to latex, congratulation you still have some times to play with.  However, you are definitely welcome and recommend to use our best eyelash glue because of the same cost and strength durability.  Though I need to warn you that this latex free eyelash glue is gentle on eyes, but a bit time consuming to clean at the end of the day.  You need to clean it in a similar way as cleaning mascara off your eyes, which doesn't bother me because of its greater benefits.  In my opinion, using a gentle product is always a preferred choice than using a strong product that might cause allergic reaction down the road.    
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