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Remove fake lashes using tweezers

Remove fake lashes from tray before use

If you have a black band fake eyelashes.  Use tweezers to pick up the lash band from the outer corner of the lashes.  After you have a firm grip of the lash band, start lifting up slowly and away from the tray until the whole lashes band is removed from tray.

If you have a clear plastic band eyelashes (not black band eyelash as shown in picture), it doesn't matter whether you grab at the inner corner or outer corner of the fake lashes.  Most importantly, you must grab it at the band, not at the hair of the lashes

Of course, you can always use your finger tip  to do the job 👌 , but if you have long finger nails, it's easier working with tweezers 😊

Remove fake lashes from your eyes after used

How to Remove Fake Lashes

There are 2 common methods

1) Quick way to remove fake lashes:   Use your finger to pick up the fake eyelashes from the outer corner (try to hold it as close to the lash band as possible). Then, gently lift it out and away from your eye until the whole fake lash is removed 

 2) Gentle way to remove fake lashes: Use a Q tip that wet with makeup remover, then dap makeup remover liquid along the lash band where it attaches to your skin. Wait for a minutes or two for the glue to loosen up, then pick up the fake lash as close to the lash band as possible, and lift it away from your eye.


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